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Let us drive thousands of shoppers to your store!
Our expert marketing team will create personalized ad campaigns and our algorithm will automatically optimize them, driving the right shoppers to your store!
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Advertising Methods

We use ads that are relevant for your store - Google Search & Shopping, YouTube, Remarketing, Smart Display, Facebook & Instagram acquisition and Retargeting ads.
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Machine Learning

Our algorithm optimizes the campaigns in real-time according to 300+ different parameters analyzed; all in order to display the most suitable ad to the most relevant potential customer.
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Simplified Dashboard

Our cross platforms dashboard reflects your visitors, orders, revenues and ROAS per channel in an easy to understand format and scales up according to the results.
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Caballo Bronco

Caballo Bronco is getting 15X ROAS with the Traffic Booster

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Impact Mouthguards

‘Impact Mouthguards’ are making 6X ROAS using the Traffic Booster

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Old Guys Rule

‘Old Guys Rule’ are making 500% ROI using the Traffic Booster

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Beautiful Disaster

‘Beautiful Disaster’ are making up to 10X ROAS using the Traffic Booster

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‘GearBunch’ are making up to 8X ROAS using the Traffic Booster

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‘Envystylz’ see a 470% increase in sales a year

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Personal Trainer Food

‘Personal Trainer Food’ increased their sales by 500%

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StoreYa works with any platform

Whether you want to drive traffic to your own custom online store or to an eCommerce platform you use, StoreYa takes just minutes to install.

Powerful marketing apps

StoreYa offers a suite of marketing apps to help you scale faster and smarter.


Drives targeted shoppers to your store

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Coupon Pop

The easiest way to grow sales with email

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Benchmark Hero

Compare your shop to the biggest brands

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Growth Hero

Get a Facebook marketing audit in seconds

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